It is easier than ever to start your journey.

It is harder than ever to sustain long-term focus.

We believe you need to have a special place centered on your most important goal alone. A place that changes your frame of mind when you enter it.

Start with Why

Choose your guiding image

Set your own image as a guiding image of the future you want to create.

Introspect deeply on the 5 BIG questions

Face your fears, break down the big obstacles, explore your strengths and weaknesses. Revisit your insights periodically to make your vision grow while you grow. 

Quickly glance The Essence tab to stay on course

Highlight the most impactful parts of your answers. These will refocus you when you start feeling like you are losing focus and motivation.

Prioritize your Weekly Goals to the extreme

Remember the finite nature of life

Look at the weekly life counter at the top of the screen to remind yourself of finite nature of existence.

Prioritize severely with only 3 weekly goals

Give yourself only one weekly goal which will push your dream the furthest in the right direction.

Goals are color coded

Color coded goals makes it easy to always discern what is the importance of the goal you are working on right now.

Turn your goals into actions

Plan out you goal by dividing it into small clear actions that you can achieve in a day. 

Action! Action! Action!

Add actions to your action view and go!

You can only have 3 actions on your action view, which makes it easy to prioritize and focus on the most important action of the day.

Split you actions into smaller actionable steps

Achieve small wins throughout the day and with a constant feel of making progress.

Complete your action with a big donut

Doing the most important action is a huge win for the day. This is why we created a circle gesture that you do to complete your daily action. Try it out, it’s rewarding!

Give yourself feedback and grow

Offload you day with an auto-feedback session

You will progress as fast as you are able to get honest feedback on a consistent basis in the shortest intervals. Who better to do this than yourself – every day.

Record an audio message to yourself

Record the message at the end of the day that you will listen to next day before you start making shit happen. Give yourself an audio kick in the balls.

Give your subconscious something to focus on overnight

Your brain can work even when you don’t. Give your brain a problem to solve overnight and check in the morning with the solution.

Start and end your day right

Create your perfect morning and evening routine

Morning routine is something that you will constantly evaluate and improve as you change your life habits. The goal is to get to the point when you don’t even have to think about it. When you get there, you might as well stop ticking off these boxes. 

What our users say

“Hi, a friend showed me the app and it’s too good, I really think it can help me a lot throughout the day and generally with my life goals.”


“The app is great. I hope using it will be one of the key steps in turning my life around. Unbelievable how good it is for the first version. Such a nice approach, quite simple to use, great colors and details.”

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Frequently asked questions

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